Baileys & Salted Caramel Swirl No Churn Ice-Cream

Hello everyone, so I haven’t really talked much about this before, but I don’t like to consistently post dessert recipes. I like to upload them every once in a while and make them treats. And today, I have an amazing treat for you. The reason I am posting this no churn ice-cream recipe today is that a blogger called Faith messaged me and asked if I was interested in doing a collaboration for her rum and berry cobbler recipe. As soon as I saw it I responded and said: “heck yeah!!” The ice cream turned out wonderfully but I wouldn’t have even thought about doing it if it weren’t for her reaching out to me. So make sure you click that link and show her blog some love. 

No churn baileys ice-cream -salted-caramel-swirl-ice-cream-marked-6-of-1

No churn ice-cream baileys-salted-caramel-swirl-ice-cream-marked-1-of-1

So what I decided to do was try and make something that would pair up really nicely with Faith’s cobbler. I wanted to create the Robin to her Batman, the Watson to her Sherlock, the Hansel to her Gretel, hence the ice-cream. And they are without a doubt, a wicked pairing. Not just because they taste great together, but because both recipes are so unbelievably easy to prepare, perfect for a lazy baker.  If you think making both on the same day sounds like a tough gig, I assure you, it isn’t. All you need is time for the ice-cream to solidify in the freezer. 

No churn icecream baileys-salted-caramel-swirl-ice-cream-marked-2-of-1

No churn ice-cream baileys-salted-caramel-swirl-ice-cream-marked-3-of-1

I used plenty of berries to make the cobbler, and I have to say, it was berry nice (sorry, but the pun was right there, I just had to). And the rum just makes it extra salivatingly special. As does the Baileys for the ice cream. Now I know what some of you may be trying to ask me through the screen “Nick, is this no churn ice-cream as good as originally made ice-cream?” That is a tough question to answer, perhaps not quite as good as the best of the best quality ice-cream out there. But what I will say is that one spoonful of it will result in an epic mouthgasm. And it certainly isn’t worth buying an expensive ice-cream maker that will take up a tonne of space in your kitchen, just to make a batch of ice-cream once in a blue moon. 

No churn baileys ice-cream -salted-caramel-swirl-ice-cream-marked-4-of-1

No churn baileys ice-cream -salted-caramel-swirl-ice-cream-marked-5-of-1

Anyway, the concept for no churn ice-cream is simple, mix a can of sweetened condensed milk with some COLD whipped cream, store in the freezer, then you have yourself some lovely ice-cream. And whoever figured this out, hats off to you, you’re a genius. It has allowed me to make an amazing recipe for an exciting collaboration. 

No churn baileys ice-cream -salted-caramel-swirl-ice-cream-marked-7-of-1

Once again, make sure you check out Faith’s blog, her cobbler recipe is incredible. Feel free to subscribe or follow my social media if you haven’t already and have a great day. Love you all (:

Baileys & Salted Caramel Swirl No Churn Ice-cream
This no churn ice-cream is stupidly easy to prepare, and turns out wonderfully every time.
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Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
6 hr
Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
6 hr
  1. 395g (14 ounces) of sweetened condensed milk
  2. 2 cups of whipping cream (cold)
  3. 3 tablespoons of Baileys
  4. 125ml of store bought salted caramel
  1. Before you start whipping your cream, make sure it is really nice and cold straight from the fridge. Whip the cream to stiff peaks, meaning that the cream is thick enough to hold it's shape but still has a nice, smooth texture (feel free to use an electric whisk).
  2. From there, add your sweetened condensed milk and baileys, then gently fold through with a wooden spoon or spatula.
  3. Add the mixture to a loaf tin. Then, drizzle your salted caramel over the top. Stick the back of your spoon/spatula in the ice-cream, and spend 20-30 seconds slowly and gently moving it around through the mixture. You will notice a ripple/swirl effect start to form.
  4. Put your ice-cream in the freezer, and freeze for at least 5-6 hours until the whole mixture has solidified.
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Enjoy the recipe!

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11 thoughts on “Baileys & Salted Caramel Swirl No Churn Ice-Cream”

  • I'll have to check out the berry cobbler. It looks delicious with your ice cream. And I love those little waffle cups you used for your solo no churn ice cream picture. No churn is very rich and decadent so you only need a very little to satisfy. Lots of flavour variations are possible as well. You're only limited by your imagination in terms of add ins as well.
  • Yes, definitely check out her recipe, it is amazing. Indeed, the waffle cups were great, a nice change instead of cones. And that is the beauty of this no churn technique, you can add whatever you like (:
  • Thanks, Rhonda, it is so easy to prep. And it doesn't taste like any kind of "fake" ice-cream. It tastes just like the real deal (:
  • Today I had plenty of time to prepare some stuff while waiting for hurricane Irma. I made this recipe with a small twist to keep the sugar down. Frozen cherries instead of caramel. I took the seeds off, puree them and place in a glass container. The good thing about placing the ingredients in a container is that now I just can made the little bit we are going to eat. My hubby loved it and so did I. It takes me now 5 minutes to prepare a treat. Thanks!
  • No worries, I am super happy you liked it!! And that idea with the cherries is fantastic! Oh and it sucks to hear about the hurricane :(

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