Hello Everybody, ok lets make this simple……

My name is Nicolas (nick) and you have probably already guessed that I love to cook. This love has only grown stronger since I learned to cook in culinary school and work experience in the food industry. I couldn’t believe just how much I learnt and it was a big realization on just what and how many wonderful things that can be created with the beverage of food. So what is this site really about? Well, my best description is to make memories with food.


Food is just about the most important thing on the planet, surely nobody can deny that right? However, so many of us, too many of us choose to make the unconscious decision of taking it for granted. You see, whenever we choose not to take proper care of food. That food will not take care of us. So I am someone who is passionate about showing the possibilities with what I believe is good quality food, expanding our horizons with different kinds of food (cultures), how home cooking can bring people closer together and how we can learn how to appreciate food.

Weather you are a Nona who is known for her mind blowing Tiramisu and pasta dishes. Or the beginner that doesn’t know how to cook a chicken breast without burning it. Allow me to just let you in on a few reminders that I think are very important to understand.

  1. Healthy food does not mean boring food.
  2. A great dish that you cook has the ability to create a memory for a lifetime. 
  3. We should bring out the fun in cooking, rather than seeing it as a chore. 

That third step hits home for me.

So I guess this is me starting my own super awesome foodie journey. If you also consider yourself a foodie, make sure you subscribe to stay updated with new recipes. 

Take care folks.



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